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Compare Cars - Toyota New Fortuner 4x2 MT vs Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 SFX

Toyota New Fortuner


Mitsubishi Pajero

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Toyota New Fortuner

4x2 MT

Toyota New Fortuner 4x2 MT Specifications

Mitsubishi Pajero

2.8 SFX

Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 SFX Specifications

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Mitsubishi Pajero Features

Two legends go head to head to showcase their supremacy while going off-roading. Globally acclaimed Mitsubishi Pajero Sports takes on fellow countryman – Toyota Fortuner to showcase who bites the dust. SUVs in our country are becoming a common phenomenon more over for those who are city dwellers but also have the inclination to embark on outdoor excursions just to get way from their hectic lifestyle. So here we are to give you an insight into a legend that fights for its pride as against a new kid on the block that seems to be raking in quite a number of followers for what it is worth.

Mitsubishi Pajero needs no introduction as it is one the most robust off roaders one can ever come across but recently the introduction of the Fortuner by Toyota has stiffened competition in the premium SUV category.  So shall the games begin?

In totality the word ‘worthiness’, does not actually quantify the characteristics of each machine. Thus the Pajero Sport which is into its second generation is the most recent model to be launched out of the two. Not to forget that it has a long standing history with the world’s toughest motorsport off roading event called ‘Dakar Rally’. It has been the most successful SUV at this event with 7 victories to its name in its category just to provide a few statistics into what it is made off.  Meanwhile the Fortuner might not have that many credentials to its name as Pajero but nevertheless it is an instant hit ever since its launch in the Indian market.

A lot chunkier in proposition, the Pajero looks a bit bland against the Fortuner but nevertheless has a substantial chrome grille with prominent Mitsubishi logo to offer. Other features include non expressive headlamp cluster, fog lamps, flared wheel arches and a raked tail gate that provides compact tail lamps which seem to have been inspired from its younger sibling the Outlander.  On the other hand the Fortuner also into its second generation is much better looking as it provides a longish front end that provides vertical slat chrome grille with a prominent Toyota logo placed right on top towards the centre. The air scoop on the bonnet does cater to functionality which in the Pajero’s case is non existent. The good looks just do not end there, the rear for example features crystal clear outer covering that consist of distinctive lights which further help in enhancing its overall stance.

From exteriors to the interiors, the story has twist in store. Having mentioned that in looks the Fortuner goes one up against the Pajero, the cabin space in both these machine have different things to offer. Frankly saying, I have never been a fan of the Fortuner’s cabin because it reminds me of the interiors of the Innova especially the dash board and gear knob which are identical. The adaptation of same interiors has been done in order to keep the costs down but nevertheless a touch screen multi information display along with an integrated audio unit does add some sort of character. Meanwhile the Pajero has a better cabin to offer as provides a digital display placed right on top in the centre of the dash, a digital compass, a stereo system along with  steering mounted controls and electronically adjustable drivers seat to name a few.  Projected as 7 seaters, both machines provide spacious interior with the third row suitable of ferrying children around in the city as well as the highway. On the whole there is not much to differentiate in terms of comfort as both of machines provide comforting 1st and 2nd row seats.  

Now that both Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Fortuner have a point each, whom do you think would have come out on top in reference to performance? Considering that both off them have different units under the hood, the Pajero felt the most refined. Therefore it features a 2.5 litre 16 valve intercooled turbocharged DOHC common rail DI-D engine which produces a maximum power output of 176 bhp with 400 NM of torque. The Fortuner on the other hand has a bigger 3 litre D-4D Diesel engine with an Intercooler Turbocharger providing a total power output of 167 bhp with 343 Nm of torque.  5 speed manual transmissions on both these machines provide smooth gear shifts. Another difference that does alter their performance is the 4 wheel drive system which in the Pajero’s case can be utilized as and when required while the Fortuner has it on full time. Take them on broken terrain and the Mitsubishi feels more comforting in comparison to the Toyota which at times does shake up a few bones. Unleashing them in slush was great fun but at the end of the day it was the Sport that came out on top as it reclaimed its title of being a go any where SUV in the world.    

Thus to conclude, the scorecard features Mitsubishi Pajero with 2 points as against Toyota Fortuner which manages to score only a single point. There is no doubt that the Fortuner looks better out of the two but in relation to interiors and performance, it’s the Pajero that has it all. However the most crucial determinant for the time being is their pricing as the Pajero is slightly more expensive coming in at Rs 24.4 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) while the Fortuner is slightly cheaper at Rs 22 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Even though there is speculation that Mitsubishi is thinking of assembling this SUV through the CKD route by the end of this year, in our view the Sport is truly exceptional not taking away the credit from the new kid on the block – Toyota Fortuner.    

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